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EPDM Rubber Roofing in Worksop

What is EPDM rubber roofing and how does it differ to a felt flat roof? Learn more about the features and ideal uses for this type of flat roofing.

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EPDM Rubber Roofing Explained

There are several advantages to epdm rubber roofing in Worksop and it can be a really good investment for homes with low sloping roofs. Not least among the features of rubber roofing is that it offers much better protection against the elements preventing leaks and stopping water damage from rooflines. Rubber roofing installations are comparatively straightforward, Helped by the fact that the material isnt as heavy as asphalt. Another advantage to installing rubber roofing is that no special tools will be required. Flat roofing with rubber in particular offers a painless, quick installation process.

Durable & Aesthetically Pleasing?

With rubber roofing there are few seams, which makes it more water-resistant than is the case with a number of other types of roofing material. EPDM rubber roofing in Worksop offers durability not found in many other roofing materials despite it being relatively light and has visual appeal too – notably when rubber shingles are in place over a sloped roof. Both aesthetic appeal and durability of material can also add substantial amounts to property value when it comes to reselling.

Rubber roofing is proofed against temperature extremes – whether it’s freezing or hot, rubber roofing isn’t going to be prone to cracking. It’s also not a combustible material, because it’s difficult to burn. Rubber roofing has a life expectancy of between 30 and 50 years.

Energy Efficient And Environmentally Friendly

Because of its qualities, rubber roofing won’t need regular maintenance either. If issues do come up over a period of time, then patches can be applied easily. A white or lightly coloured rubber roof will conserve energy even further.

A rubber roof is constucted from recycled materials, so rubber roofing is also environmentally friendly – and it will last twice as long as most other sorts of roofing materials.

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