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GRP Roofing in Worksop

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High Performance GRP Roofing

There are quite a few advantages to rubber roofing in Worksop and it can be a great investment for properties with low sloping roofs. Not least among the advantages of rubber roofing is that it offers significantly better protection against the elements preventing leaks and stopping water damage from rooflines.

Rubber roofing installations are relatively straightforward, helped by the fact that the material isnt as heavy as asphalt. Another advantage when it comes to fitting rubber roofing is that it doesn’t require special tools. Flat rubber roofs in particular are comparatively simple to install.

Durable And Aesthetically Pleasing

With rubber roofing there are hardly any seams, which makes it more water-resistant than is the case with numerous other types of roofing material. It has a good aesthetic appeal too – particularly when rubber shingles are in place on a sloped roof. Both the durability and the aesthetic appeal can appreciably increase the value of your property.

Rubber roofing is resistant to temperature extremes – freezing cold or boiling hot a rubber roof won’t crack under temperature extremes. It’s also not a combustible material, because it’s tough to burn. A new rubber roof installed on your home will usually last 30 – 50 years with no troubles.


Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is the technical term for the material more commonly known as fibreglass. Distinguished for its extraordinary durability, GRP is a popular choice across a huge range of industries. This strong, versatile and thoroughly waterproof material makes it a superb choice for roofing systems.

For Flat roofs GRP is a terrific material and if installed by an experienced and professional contractor is guaranteed to last decades. GRP roofing in Worksop has a wealth of advantages for any kind of roof structures. Fibreglass roofs are exceptionally adaptable, in creating beautiful balconies and walkways. They’re also easy to lengthen or refurbish, and block illegal access.

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Quality GRP Roofing in Worksop?

Properly installed, fibreglass roofs remain leak free for life, and the team here at Thompson’s Roofing Services Limited are extremely proud of our reputation for high quality materials and our professional workmanship. With many years of experience of fitting, maintaining and repairing fiberglass roofs, it’s no real surprise that we’re viewed as a premier roofing company in Worksop.

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